The Town of Mellau

Mellau in the Bregenzerwald

The community of Mellau is home to 1,355 inhabitants (december 2010). It is with an area of 40.50 square kilometres one of the largest communities in the Bregenzerwald. It lies 690 m above sea level in the lower part if the Bregenzerwald beneath the Kanisfluh, which is one of the most imposing mountains of the valley.

Mellau is heavily influenced by tourism with many hotels and guesthouses offering accommodation of all categories.

The 85 in the village-based businesses provide jobs for 583 people. The 30 largest local taxpayers include 13 directly to do with tourism. The largest employer is, however, a company of the textile industry, namely the Fa Mellau Carpet factory, followed by the company of, Felder Transport, and the Mellauer Cable Car. A major contribution to the cultural landscape is also provided from over 80 farmers, of which 12 of them have a full time occupation.

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